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Privacy Policy

as an important and natural part of an individual – or group-based therapy course, Atelier collects, processes and stores Feldmann personal Data both at the start of each course of treatment and during the course of treatment. Atelier Feldmann follows the applicable law by making the client aware of why their personal data is being collected and how they are processed. “Client” means all parties receiving therapy;

General personal data and sensitive personal data

are divided into ordinary personal data, such as Name, address, telephone number, email address and sensitive personal data such as date of birth, health, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. The general personal data are collected for the purpose of practical and administrative procedures, such as: To identify the client among other clients, to be able to contact the client if it is necessary and legally possible to carry out payment procedures, such as, for example, Invoicing, etc. Sensitive personal data is data about the client itself, which the client or I assess is relevant to the client’s benefit from the therapy course at Atelier Feldmann and which the client chooses to share with me. In order to be able to help in the best possible way, it is necessary and essential that the client allows me to gain an insight into the life of the client as far as possible, including the following: The client’s psychological and physical state and development, family relations and relationships with the professional network. This information is essential for providing the qualified help and support in relation to the challenges/problems that the client has sought for Atelier Feldmann to obtain.

Consent to personal data processing

at the start of a treatment course at Atelier Feldmann, the client must give consent to collect, process and store their personal data. Here you will be informed of the personal data needed and for what purpose. Atelier Feldmann only processes personal data that is relevant and necessary for the client’s conduct with Atelier Feldmann and for its economic settlement. Atelier Feldmann uses no more data than is needed for the purpose of the therapy course. The processing of the client’s personal data by Atelier Feldmann also examines whether it is possible to minimise the amount of data on the client and whether some of the data types used can be used in anonymised form. This is possible if it does not adversely affect the statutory obligations of Atelier Feldmann or the treatment offered by Atelier Feldmann.

Professional secrecy

I, as a psychotherapist, are subject to the rules of professional secrecy under section 27-28 of the Administrative Act, which means that all personal data and content that the client brings up during sessions and conversations must not be divulged.

Personal data and payment

registered personal data for settlement purposes are exchanged with payment service providers to the extent necessary to implement the payments and to comply with accounting and auditing rules. The client’s personal data is not sold further and is not used for marketing purposes.

The client has a duty to inform Atelier Feldmann about the change of personal data

if relevant changes in the client’s personal data occur during the course of therapy at Atelier Feldmann, Atelier Feldmann will kindly ask to inform you about this, with the aim of Processing the client’s personal data, according to the purpose of the therapy. Notice of change of personal data is recommended to be made directly by one of the client’s therapy sessions at Atelier Feldmann, as this reduces the degree of transfer of personal data by phone, mail etc. thereby minimising the risk of data breaches.

Record keeping

Atelier Feldmann keeps records for all its clients and keeps these client records for at least 5 years from the latest note in the journal, after which the journal is destroyed. Information for use for settlement purposes is retained for as long as necessary for the purpose of settlement and accounting. Atelier Feldmann stores client records and any other personal data in a safe and sound manner.

The client’s rights in relation to the journal and other personal data

the client may at any time ask for information about the personal data registered with Atelier Feldmann about the client, their intended use and for how long that atelier Feldmann stores them. The client cannot delete the information in its client record, but has a right of access to documents and to add comments in its client record, if desired, by contacting the undersigned – see the contact information on the Privacy Policy page.

Right to object to processing of personal data

The client has the right to object to the processing of personal data by Atelier Feldmann. If the client is dissatisfied with Atelier Feldmann’s processing of personal data and wishes to object to the processing of his personal data by Atelier feldmann, It is important that the client informs Atelier Feldmann of this, so that Atelier Feldmann can change it if possible. That the client is dissatisfied with. In addition, complaints about Atelier Feldmann’s processing of the client’s personal data can be filed with the Danish Data Protection Inspectorate, Borgergade 28, 5. Sal, 1300 Copenhagen K. Detailed information on the Data Protection Authority is available on their website

protecting the client’s personal data

in order to protect the personal data of the client in the best possible way, Atelier Feldmann continuously assesses how high the risk is to Atelier Feldmann’s personal data processing negatively affects the client’s fundamental rights. Atelier Feldmann is particularly aware of the risk of the client being exposed to loss of personal data confidentiality or ID theft. Atelier Feldmann imposes high requirements on information security through the use of measures such as anonymization and encryption of personal data that protects the client’s personal data from being destroyed, lost or altered, against unauthorized Access or knowledge of unauthorised persons. In the event of a breach of security that results in a high risk of personal data loss, discrimination, ID theft, loss of reputation or other significant disadvantage to the client, Atelier Feldmann notifies the client of the security breach as soon as Possible. If the security breach is considered essential for the personal data security of the client, Atelier Feldmann will also notify the Data protection authority of the breach.


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