I do not have a collective agreement with the health insurance, i.e. That you cannot receive a grant for the payment through the health insurance. If, on the other hand, you or your employer have taken out a health insurance, it will be a good idea to check whether you can obtain reimbursement or get paid the treatment course.

Our first meeting does not cost anything, so both you and I can see whether we should continue working together.

Consultation 50 min:                                                500,- dkk

Consultation 50 min in your place:                        600,- dkk

Consultation 50 min via Video:                              300,- dkk

Consultation 80 min:                                                800,- dkk

Consultation 80 min in your place:                       900,- dkk

Consultation 80 min via Video:                              600,- dkk

NADA acupuncture (needles) 20 – 45 min:        200,- dkk

NADA acupuncture (permanåle) 2 weeks:          500,- dkk

NADA acupuncture (magrains) 5 days:               300,- dkk

You can pay cash, receive an invoice or pay into my account.
If you need to cancel an appointment, this must be done up to 13:00 hours the day before to avoid full payment. You will also be charged the full amount in case of missing an appointment without cancellation.