About Me

Do you often ask yourself “why”?
Do you feel misunderstood? Do you often ponder on the relations in your family? Are you looking for help?
Are you sometimes at a loss to understand your feelings? Are you looking for ways to express your feelings? Are you in need of individual guidance or psychological advice? Then you are probably at the right address with me.

My overall approach is

  • body, spirit and soul are inextricably linked
  • all the resources and skills you need to be able to live your life meaningfully are already present in you
  • acting to liaise and translate your inner knowledge with your conscience in order to activate your resources and skills
  • kindling your curiosity
  • creating an atmosphere of recognition and respect for the way you are mastering your life
  • helping you to accept the basic fact that whatever situation you are in you are a complete and perfect person. You may not presently be able to act accordingly, but there are an unexplored potential and endless possibilities in you

The result of my work with you will eventually be

  • an increased awareness to breathing, the body, the emotions and your thinking
  • more vitality, complexity, joy and freedom
  • a basis for a more creative relationship between yourself and your environment
  • an increase in sensibility, sensitivity, seriosity, happiness and love
  • a liberated potential for further development and personal growth